WIMPcamp 2013 unconference, Sonoma County

About WIMP

The Community

By providing a community to get together, share skills, trade tools, learn, and have fun, WIMP connects people, technology and innovation.

You can also find our Code of Conduct here

A snap shot of the original WIMP podcast

The Origins

WIMP was established in April of 2011 by Joshua Simmons and Melissa Geissinger (New Skin Media) in Santa Rosa, California. What started as a modest dream for two young entrepreneurs / small business owners transformed into a niche that was in a higher demand than they realized. Web professionals around Sonoma County were just itching for an environment where they could kick back and meet like-minded (fair to say geekier than average?) individuals and WIMP seemed like it would fulfill that need. Since its inception, WIMP has grown to boast a very active Facebook group, podcast series (WIMP Talk Format or WTF), and dynamic programming.

You might be a Wimp if…

  • You want to join a group with like-minded geeks with experience in the internet industry
  • You are a student or pro that is looking for extended educational opportunities
  • You want access to commonly needed resources like contract boilerplates and rate sheets
  • You are looking for a full time job or freelance gigs.